The SimplyVAV controllers can be installed as standalone controllers or they can be connected to a BACnet MS/TP network. These topics are reference material for control technicians or engineers who are planning, installing, and setting up controllers that are connected to a network.

Adding a SimplyVAV Controller to a BACnet Network

Set the network address

    1. Start addressing by pressing and holding the UP and DOWN arrow buttons at the same time.
      • If Password 2 is not required, the display changes to the CNFG for configuration.
      • If required, enter Password 2. The display changes to CNFG when Password 2 is correct.
    2. Press the UP arrow button to advance to COMM and then press SETPOINT. The display advances to DID, the device instance display.
    3. Press the UP or DOWN buttons to change each digit of the device instance number and press SETPOINT when each digit is correct. Do this for all digits in the device instance. When the last digit is entered, the display advances to the MAC address display.
    4. Change the MAC address with the UP and DOWN buttons and press SETPOINT to advance to BAUD.
    5. From the BAUD display, choose the baud that matches other equipment on the MS/TP network and press SETPOINT when it is selected. This finishes setting the network addressing.

Connect to a network

Connect the controller to an MS/TP network following standard MS/TP wiring practices. The controller features a removable network connector for easy installation. You add end-of-line termination with DIP switches next to the network connector.


Once a controller is properly addressed and connected to a network, it accessible to standard BACnet software tools. All objects are standard BACnet objects that can be monitored for controller performance or added to a graphical user interface.